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"... like finding a good car mechanic."

Side contracts have now become my full time job as word of mouth and personal contacts have allowed me to expand my business into all aspects of the Information Technology field. I received my B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2002 from the university of Victoria and I am a data architect by education and experience. But I am a talented "jack of all trades," and years working for small companies (then in larger ones) have made me a very capable programmer, network administrator, and designer.

Now, teaming with a number of very talented friends, we are able to handle any I.T. challenge in a very fast, secure, and intelligent manor. This isn't a "geeks on wheels" operation, although we may somtimes show up in some dorky cycling gear.

We can handle all of your Technology needs:
  • Office Networks (MS server 2008, D.C.s, Web Server, File Shares)
  • Databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Access)
  • Data mining and custom reporting.
  • Enterprise websites (.net, .aspx, .php, with DB backends)
  • e-Commerce (secure credit card transactions)
  • Graphics and Marketing (let us do everything)
All I.T., done the smart way. Currently, we are working with B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation configuring on-line ad hoc reporting.
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